Jackal & Sage is a destination furniture store that offers bespoke, contemporary pieces.

All our furniture is locally and sustainably manufactured and either designed by our own team as part of a collection or manufactured according to your specifications. Our goal is to lend a unique and personal touch to your environment, be it your home, office or other living space.
We also have a studio on-site in which our team can help you to design the pieces that are an extension of your personality.

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Our Process

Work with us to design the perfect furnishings for your home.

Choose from a selection of base designs, materials, fabrics and finishes to create something that is an extension of your personality.

All our pieces are locally made and we only use the finest quality materials.

Our Pieces

We are proud of the pieces we create, as well as those we source from local artisans.

Our Showroom

Take a look at some of the exquisite, ready-made pieces we have on our showroom floor.
Use them as a guide to spark inspiration, or purchase them directly.

We would love to hear from you

Let us know how we can help you design your next focal piece.